Is your facility subject to the Title V Renewable Operating Permit (ROP) program?  Can your facility opt-out of Title V?

Original ROP applications were due during 1996 and early 1997.  If you were not subject to the program two years ago, have you changed any process that would result in a change to your potential to emit?  A facility  may choose to opt-out of a ROP by obtaining a Synthetic Minor Permit or Registering as a Rule 208(a) source.  Cirrus has experience preparing ROP applications as well as opting facilities out of the ROP program.

Can your facility certify compliance with your Title V permit or opt-out status?

Each facility with a Title V permit is required to have the responsible official certify compliance with all conditions of the permit at least annually.  Facilities that opted-out using Rule 208(a) are also required to submit annual recertifications.

Key Benefits

We have completed many ROP applications for Michigan sources and can accurately identify a facility's applicable requirements
The ROP and opt-out permits have been designed by the state to be easily enforced.  We can review a facility's records and provide a greater level of confidence for the responsible official signing the certification
Our experience can help you make an informed choice regarding which opt-out method best fits your needs

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Last modified: January 04, 2000