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Cirrus can provide your company with assistance in the following areas:

    Emissions Reporting
Michigan Air Emissions Reporting System (MAERS)
    New Source Review Permitting
Permitting is required for new or modified process or process equipment which may emit an air contaminant, unless it qualifies for an exemption according to Michigan Rules 278 through 290.
    Compliance Assessments
Let Cirrus help you identify State and Federal requirements that apply to your facility and develop a compliance system to meet those requirements.
    Renewable Operating Permits (Title V)
Is your facility subject to Title V?  Can your facility opt-out of Title V?   Can your facility certify compliance with your Title V permit or opt-out status?
    General Air Quality Consultation
As your company and employees change, what information, documentation, or training do you need for ongoing compliance?
    Other Environmental Services
Is your facility subject to environmental reporting in areas other than air quality?
Is your facility subject to environmental programs that require written plans (i.e. Pollution Incident Prevention Plan)?
     Emissions Tracking and Recordkeeping
Review and development of recordingkeeping systems
   BACT Determinations
State approved best available control technology reviews

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Last modified: August 03, 2001